About Cinderella Spinderella

Begun as a spoken-word story by Mark Binder… developed with illustrator Steve Mardo through Kickstarter Funding… first released as an illustrated ebook…  and now available in Hardcover and Softcover editions!

Mark Binder, Author and Story PerformerOne summer in Boston, I was performing for diverse and mixed audiences of all ages. The same summer I was in Newport, working with young people with disabilities. Cinderella Spinderella was a fun story both groups could share and enjoy… It’s become a powerful tale about a young woman taking ownership of her identity. —Mark Binder, author

In Cinderella Spinderella you can choose whether Cinderella is Black, White, Asian, Hispanic or from the Indian subcontinent. You can pick your prince, too.

  • In Print, there are five editions with “matching” Cinderellas and Princes
  • Ebook technology for iPad, Kindle, Nook and Android allows the reader to pick from 25 variations!
  • There are more than 300 illustrations in the ebook.
  • Even though the ebook is the same length as the printed book (52 pages), it seems to be more than 1,000 pages long because there are so many variations!
  • The ebook has already won five awards for excellence! Click here for info

Here’s the ebook Video…

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about Blended Seasons?
  • Ultimately, we hope to have all 25 variations available in print. Currently, blended seasons can be preordered (in hardcover only) and will ship as soon as minimum thresholds are met. We anticipate minimum orders of 20 to get each blended season started. If it takes too long, we will offer a refund option. When a blended season threshold is reached, it may also be offered in paperback.
  • How much does Cinderella Spinderella cost?
    Softcover: $11.99, Hardcover $24.99, Limited Edition $49.99 ebook $5.99
  • Do all the characters change with the seasons?
    No! Only Cinderella and the Prince. The stepsisters and fairy godmother stay the same.
  • Does anything else change with the seasons?
    Yes! The Pumpkin/Coach transforms each of Cinderella’s seasons. Autumn is a Pumpkin. Winter is a Potato. Spring is a Beet. Summer is a Watermelon. Monsoon is a Jackfruit.
    In forthcoming blended editions, while the character of the Prince changes, Cinderella remains the primary season for the purposes of the story.
  • Jackfruit? What’s a jackfruit?
    It’s a gigantic fruit grown in the tropics! Taste yummy. The seeds are edible when cooked, too. Check out the wikipedia page
  • Why doesn’t the story change more?
    The goal of creating a book for everyone to enjoy is that, (as the fairy godmother says,) “It doesn’t matter how you look. What matters is who you are.” In real life, no matter how much we might wish otherwise, color matters. Cinderella Spinderella is a story that remains timeless and inclusive at its heart.
  • Can I bring Mark Binder to speak at my school or organization?
    Absolutely! Visit his touring website at http://transmitjoy.com/